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Let yourself heal

I recently had surgery on my left shoulder and I have been struggling to stop and let myself heal. I have been wanting to continue to do my daily tasks. It is important to let yourself heal. Allow your body to do what it knows how to do. Take care of it. 

My healing right now is physical but there are many different types of ways that your body my need to heal.

You may need to heal mentally. Maybe you had a break up, or a really bad day at work. Or you lost a loved one. Whatever it may be, the number one thing to do is let yourself heal. Take the time to let yourself heal. There is nothing wrong with stopping what you are doing and giving yourself a breather.

I know I struggle with this especially when I am recovering from surgery. I feel like I should be doing all the things I had been doing before and even better now. Dylan playfully scolded me for making dinner the night I had my surgery. I thought I was being nice because I was making him dinner when he came home from work. But he was right, I should not have worried about making dinner like he had told me no to do earlier in the day. I regretted it later that night when my shoulder was throbbing and I needed to ice my shoulder.

I have now had two surgeries in the last six months. One on my foot, where I had part of a bamboo skewer taken out of my foot (clumsiness combined with a multi-tiered wedding cake that was being held together by said bamboo skewer and accidents will happen) and the other was my shoulder. You would think that after the last one that had me in bed for several days I would know to slow down and let myself heal. Nope not the case. I have been taking it easier but I still get those voices in the back of my head telling me that I should be doing more.

I shouldn’t be sitting on the couch icing my shoulder, I should be cooking dinner instead. I should be doing this. I should be doing that. 

The hardest person that I have had to say no to is myself. I have to tell myself to say no that I need this moment to let myself heal. I need this time to do so or I will make things worse. Or I will prolong the healing process and I will not get better. I know how hard it is to stop, especially with our society which is always on the go. 

Also follow the doctor’s instructions after surgery. They know what they’re doing.

Love Always, Kiri

Questions for you:

  1. Have you ever had surgery?
  2. What do you do when you need to tell yourself no?
Book Reviews

Book Review of Hearts of Resistance by Soraya M. Lane

This book had been sitting on my shelf for a while before I decided to pick it up. I was looking forward to it. I love reading historical fiction, especially when they are set in WWII (one of my favorite time periods).

I’m not going to lie this book took awhile for me to get into. Now I don’t know if it was because I had a book hangover from the book I had finished right before it or not. It didn’t start getting interesting to me until all of the women, Hazel, Rose and Sophia got together. 

There were a few parts that grabbed my attention and were page turners but for the most part it was a little lackluster. Hearts of Resistance changes characters each chapter. It got a little confusing sometimes, I found myself flipping back to the beginning of the chapter to figure out who I was supposed to be following.

The one character that I enjoyed the most was Hazel. Something about her made me like her more than the other two. Rose and Sophia were both strong female characters but I just didn’t have that kind of draw to them that I did with Hazel. Whenever it would cut away to Rose or Sophia I kept wondering what was happening with Hazel. I will definitely say that she was my favorite of the three women.

The book did pick up in the second half and I enjoyed that much more than the first half. That is where most of the action happened. Overall it was a good book, I’m glad I read it but I don’t think it is one that I will be reading again.

I enjoyed the authors writing style, everything was polished and it flowed nicely. I will read more books from her in the future.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Love Always, Kiri

Questions for you:

  1. Have you read this book? If so, what did you think?
  2. Any book recommendations?
  3. Do you want to see book reviews from me?
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5 ways to stay motivated

I know that there are times when I have trouble staying motivated to do things. I try to do some or all of these tips below to stay motivated. I occasionally need a reminder every now and then.

  1. Make a To Do list

This is my number one thing to keep me going. I get a little boost of confidence when I get to cross something off on a list. You can make the to do list on your phone, on a piece of paper, on a napkin if that’s your sort of thing. Anything that you want to make a list on. I like doing it on a piece of paper or in my planner. That way I can cross it off physically.

  1. Take a Break

This might seem counterproductive but sometimes taking a break will help. Get up move or just do something else other than what your task currently is. It helps me to get things done if I can take a break.

  1. Break Things into Small Tasks

Sometimes things can get overwhelming with whatever task you are doing. If you are able to break it into smaller tasks it will help make it feel not so big. The smaller the task you break it up into the better. You can even combine tip number 1 with this one if you need to.

  1. Reward Yourself

After you complete a task give yourself a little reward. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Just something that you consider to be a reward to you. Rewards are different for everyone.

  1. Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is super important. We live in a society that is always on the go. There is never enough time in the day to get all of our tasks done. There are times we are just going and don’t take care of ourselves. When you are feeling overworked or overwhelmed we don’t usually do our best on whatever task it is that we are trying to tackle. Continually practicing self care is important. So take that moment to do a face mask, have a glass of wine or just a quick little walk outside to get some fresh air.

Questions for you:

  1. What do you do to stay motivated?
  2. What is your favorite thing to reward yourself with?
  3. How do you practice self care?

10 Date Night (in and out) Ideas

One thing Dylan and I try to do is have at least one date night a month. Sometimes we have more than one. There are some months that we don’t have any at all because life gets busy. Which that is okay. Life happens.

There are times we want nothing to do with the outside world and just want to have a date night at home. Or you’re tight on money (it happens to everyone). Here are a few ideas that we have done in the past and even a few we haven’t done but are wanting to do.

Date nights in:

  1. Movie Night

Pick a movie you have never seen before or even one that you have seen a million times but still love. We like to pick movies out that the other one hasn’t seen before and watch it together. Dylan also likes scary movies. I am not a huge fan of them but I will watch them if I know he will be there with me that night/next day. I sometimes have too much of an overactive imagination and think someone or something is going to jump out around the corner at me.

We make popcorn (our favorite is the Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt microwavable). We get movie style candy and treats. We turn the lights off and get cuddled up on the couch together (Cinque will join us as well). Turn on the movie and enjoy.

  1. Game Night

Dylan and I are both competitive people when it comes to games. We are both former high school athletes (him football and me golf). We like to play board games and card games together. Some of our favorites to play together are Connect 4, Uno/Uno Attack, Go Fish (an oldie but a goody) and Break the Ice.

You can also find a multiplayer video game for whatever gaming console you have and play against each other.

  1. Cook Dinner Together

Pick a recipe you’ve never tried before or pick your favorite meal together. Get inspiration from a favorite restaurant you two like to go to. 

  1. Have a Picnic

You can do this one inside or outside. We have done both. Make sandwiches or whatever else you want to take for your picnic. Grab a blanket and lay it down on the ground and just enjoy each others company while you’re eating.

  1. Give Each Other Massages

We have done this a few different times. We like to go into the bedroom. Light some candles and get either lotion or massage oils and take turns giving each other a massage. You could turn on some nice relaxing music.

Date nights out:

  1. ZooLights

Dylan and I recently went to support our local zoo and went to their holiday ZooLights. It was probably some of the most fun we have had on a date night in a while. We got to see some of the animals. The sea otters were my favorite, Dylan said my face lit up when I saw the otters. He asked at one point if I could stay here the rest of the night and just watch them. To which I answered without hesitation yes. While we were there we also went on the train that takes you around the park to look at the lights. We talked and walked around for hours enjoying ourselves. After we were done with the crowds and I had to say goodbye to the sea otters we headed home. Where we had a crockpot meal waiting for us. 

  1. Relive your first date

We have done this often. It is fun to think about how it all started. If you both have a different idea of what your first date actually was you can do both! Dylan and I differ on when our first date was. Although after the years I think I have won that battle. 

  1. Movie Night

The classic dinner and a movie date. You can go to a fancy upscale restaurant for dinner or go to a chain restaurant or find a small little mom and pop diner.

  1. Get outside 

Dylan and I like to get outside and have dates out in nature as much as possible. We sometimes like to go for hikes with our dog, Cinque. 

  1. Jazz Night (music festival)

Dylan and I got married at a vineyard a few years back and they have an annual jazz festival that they hold yearly right around the time we got married. We loved going back to where we got married and enjoying it from another perspective. It was fun to relive the moment.

The sky really is the limit on what you can do for a date with your significant other. 

Love Always, Kiri

Questions for you:

  1. What are some date nights you like to do?
  2. What is your favorite movie treat?
  3. What is your favorite meal to cook together with your partner?